Advanced XLS Converter

This article explains how you can download the full version Advanced XLS Convert (v7.40.0) and install it on your computer for free. To install Advanced XLS Convertor (v7.40.0), please follow the steps and download link.

Table of Contents

  • Software
  • Advanced XLS Translator (v7.40.0 System Requirements
  • How to Download and Install Advanced XLS Converter (v7.40.0)
  • Required files

Information about the software

Advanced XLS Converter is a cost-effective, fast and easy way to convert Excel (XLSX/XLSM) files into a multitude of database formats such as DBF, TXT HTML or XML. All this with just a few clicks.

Excel Converter does NOT require Microsoft Excel!

Advanced XLS Converter Key Features

  • Convert XLS in a Snap! Advanced XLS converter is a simple tool that converts XLS straight out of the box. Upload a file, select the destination format, and voila! It takes only seconds to convert the source file into the new format. Convert XLS file to DBF, Office RTF and HTML formats for posting the database to your intranet or Web.
  • Fast: Advanced XLS Conversion is a fast and reliable conversion algorithm. It can handle large XLS files efficiently, with no interruptions or slowdowns. The program will do the job in a matter of seconds. This program will not only handle single files; it can also handle many XLS files at once in one swift run!
  • Smart: Advanced Excel Converter is smart. It is able convert XLS into other formats and can export data and structure to a new document. You can preview the uploaded file before it is converted.

Advanced XLS Convertor (v7.40.0). System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Hard Disk: 50MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core (or higher) processor

Downloading and installing Advanced XLS Converter (v7.40.0).

  1. You can click the download buttons below to finish downloading all the files. Depending on your download speed, this may take a few minutes or several hours.
  2. Extract the downloaded files. For more information on extracting files, please refer to this article. QWERTY is always the password to extract!

  3. Start Setup.exe to install the software